I am truly Heartbroken ! It was my intention and great pleasure to meet and get to know this marvelous little creature but I have learned that having a Wild Animal living in the same building has its limitations and potential problems. I noticed this morning that my friend was no longer going outside to “Go To The Bathroom”, for the more delicate readers. Not only was He doing this but he was doing it above my stove and kitchen sink area on a parachute that was used to cover the ceiling insulation since the Landlord was too cheap to Drywall the ceiling. The parachute is fairly tranparent so I could see the droppings as well as the urine stains building up. Because Disease is spread through excrement, this was intolerable !
In part one, I mentioned that I lived and prospected in the national forest for 10 years. The Game and Fish Game Manager Superviser was a well liked and trusted official that kept an eye on me and would stop by from time to time to check on me for various reasons that were work related. He retired last April so he was the first person that I called for advice and he provided a live trap that I used in the photo to capture my friend.
Though this experience was short lived, It still provided joy that I greatly needed and I will never forget, short of dimentia etc.
I never heard in my research that they had “Musk Glands”. I heard that they marked their teritory using clicks and other noises to protect their teritory. Well when the trap snapped shut the Ringtail gave off a very strong musky smell so they, or at least the males have a musk gland used when neccessary! I will take and release this creature some miles away to make sure that it can not find its way back.
This is probably my last entry on this subject unless another one arrives to take its place.
If anyone has any questions then feel free to contact me or at least leave a comment.
PS- “Free At Last”- At 1:15 MST today 12-18-2009, I released my friend in an area near water and “He” immediatly ran for the nearest mesquite tree and I turned and departed. I did not see any use in monitoring his activities any further. He is happy to be free and I, well,I will get over it!