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Beware of Valley ENT Corporation with offices in the Phoenix and Tucson Areas !!!

I say YES! The Evil Spirit that led this horrible Demonic Possessed creature that worked along  with Hitler’s other deranged henchmen to do so-called Medical Experimentation (Torture) on poor boys and girls, exists in medical staff today! I am one who has been on the receiving end of Torture that is very similar to Dr. Mengele’s tactics. It happened at about 9:30am on the 8th day of October,2010 in the office of an ENT (ear, nose and throat) Doctor’s office. Dr. Mengele also used electricity as a means of torture and if he had the more modern technology that this Dr. used on me then Mengele would surely have used this method for all it was worth. This modern “Dr.  Mengele used RF (radio frequency) on me as a medical procedure to help open the airways in my nose and hopefully allow me to have enough airflow to sleep with my mouth closed at night. It was my left nostril that was the target for this form of torture. After he used the RF to burn the mucosa membrane (turbinates) causing it to be destroyed and eventually shrink as a result. He after-wards pulled the device out to an area that had not been numbed and “let me have it” for all that it was worth. He not only burned the bottom of my nostril inside, it created an almost indescribable series of lightning bolts at the same time. I was certain that all the hair in my nostril had been burned out but my PCP (primary care physician) said that she could see some hair remaining.

As of today (10/27/2010), the scabbing is almost gone being replaced with some very uncomfortable scar tissue  that is very bothersome for me every time that I move my nostril. It also occurred to me that intentionally torturing a patient during a medical procedure may very well be a criminal act. At no time during the process of filing complaints/grievances, talking to Malpractice attys. or anyone else did anyone suggest that intentionally torturing a patient might be a criminal act, otherwise I would have filed a police report right away.

Today (10/28/2010), I called the police department in the city where this abuse occurred, or so I thought, and spoke to a person  in the department that  advises police officers on legal matters and was told that I should file a criminal complaint. When I contacted another department and began the complaint process, I learned that the particular office that I was seen at was actually out of the city limits and therefore it was necessary to contact the county sheriff and file the complaint. I called their office and then had to wait for a deputy to return my call. I should have known that this would not be so easy because the deputy that called was not willing to cooperate and believe me, therefore I told him to just forget it and I would wait until I could get a confirmation from another ENT Dr. that my claim was valid. The deputy tried to use a dentist’s visit as an example of how an area might not be adequately numbed before the dentist started pulling a tooth. I do get irritated with people who refuse to listen when you are telling the truth and I let that deputy know that I was irritated with him when he called me back because he forgot to get my home address etc.

As of today (11/13/2010), everything is  on hold while waiting to see if any of my efforts will  have a positive outcome or negative. I have filed complaints/grievances against a second ENT Dr. who indicated after examining me that the injury was similar to some previous injuries in children that had inserted a live electrical cord in their nostril. He pushed his nostril closed partly with his finger to show how scar tissue had left an even worse injury than mine.  He said that I was fortunate that my injury was not worse! He talked me into revealing the name of the Dr. who had done this to me saying that it would make no difference and then afterwards falsified his notes saying  that there was no scarring! He apparently did so to cover for the first Dr. because he knew him. Will I ever learn that this world is full of liars, even Dr’s. ? Now the battle has been expanded to two Dr’s. In this world, the little guy seldom wins but I am giving this my all!

All there is left to do is wait and see if the AZ. Medical Board will sanction this arrogant “Child of the Devil”. I say to all in the Tucson area, BEWARE of Dr. Blachford, aka Blatchford, lest this happen to you also, or worse! It is likely that I was not the first, but hopefully, I will be the last!

The Arizona Medical Board dismissed the complaint because it is a case of his word (LIES) against mine so we need to at the very least expose this creep and the Valley ENT Corporation that is protecting this very sick person !!!

This procedure is not working and I have since learned that other ENT Doctors have abandoned this procedure for that very reason and do in hospital surgery instead. This corporation continues to harm people with this unnecessarily because they are able to charge the insurance companies larger fees than if a different procedure is done in a hospital setting.

As of today, (12/30/2010) , I have learned that Dr. Steven J. Blatchford is a managing partner in the Valley ENT corporation which insulates himself from disciplinary action from the corporation itself. I was also informed by two different medical personnel who know and have worked with this fiend and assure me that his surgical skills are lacking and I was given an example of cases where patients after coming out of surgery were all bruised up around the face when they should not have been !

On Tuesday October 19, 2010, Dr. Dan Hurley who identified himself as a vice president of the Valley ENT Corporation, contacted me after I filed my original complaint with their online complaint form. It stated that a two-day response time was normal but in my case it took one week for his initial contact. He did his best in a later contact both by email and by telephone to talk me out of believing that I had been abused/tortured and was unwilling to believe me at all. He simply made lame excuses.

I was also informed by medical personnel that it is normal for members of this corporation  to perform risky procedures in-house and not in the hospital because they can bill the insurance companies  more money.  These types of procedures actually should have been done in a hospital setting for patient safety. I will not at this time mention which procedures these are.