The Nountaineer

My Little Friend

I would like to address all those of you who doubt, in general or concerning specifics. I have addressed a variety of Spiritual, Personal and Biblical topics that could be considered to be controversial at least, even unbelievable. I hope that those of you who read the posts and pages which I have written, will open your minds to the possibility that I actually have done and seen ALL that I have shared. From what I have noticed since I have shared my very unusual experiences, not many know how to even begin to address what I have posted but I would like for you to think deeply, beyond your normal way of thinking. I know that it means that it could shake you to your very core of belief. But just think about it, you could have been deceived from childhood! Your beliefs probably have nothing close to a scientific foundation, such as evolution. Evolution as compared to Biblical Christianity has no foundation at all. It is absolutely anti-science at it’s core yet our government and our public schools push this nonsense without even engaging their brains and do some simple research on Creation which has an incredible amount of evidence behind it. Science itself has it’s roots in Christianity along with our major universities that were built and operated originally by Christians. Most people today do not know this because the truth is suppressed in MANY  WAYS today in the public school classrooms as well as the public and privately run universities and colleges. Historical Revisionism has run rampant for a very long time in our nation and in the developed countries because we export these false ideas and concepts and will continue to do so!

There are organizations such as The Institute for Creation Research and a few others who have real scientists on staff who cover genetics and most other areas of scientific research. Evolution has become a Fairy Tale for adults and I can direct you if you are even a little interested in learning about the latest findings. Astronomy alone has more scientists who believe in Creation. Many other areas of scientific research also have scientists who have rejected evolution. The secular press suppresses this kind of information because they have a vested interest in deceiving the masses of humanity who long to know the truth. We are living in a make believe world and what is now called science is not based on unbiased research. The outcomes are calculated to reveal that which is already predetermined and that is not science!

There is a “Spirit World” and I have seen it! God has allowed me to see and experience things that very few today even consider as being possible. There are even those who call themselves Christians who have rejected much of the supernatural parts of the Bible. This is very sad because God has revealed in His Word a great deal of truth that is not available anywhere else! I have much more to say on these as well as other subjects.