Please Pray For Gabrielle Giffords and her family! There is a great deal of pain, suffering and confusion at a time like this and those who “talk the talk” need to now “walk the walk” and pray for her complete healing and for her family as well. There has developed a great divide between those who claim to be Christians and those who despise them for their beliefs. Christians share the blame for not speaking–out, loud enough to overcome those unfair and quite often untrue accusations about who and what “True Christians” really are, and what they truly believe. In America, the polls indicate a presence of about 60% to 80% who claim to be Christian. This is at its very heart bogus, to be blunt, to believe that those represented by these  numbers really are true Christians because they are not!  About 60% of the 80% who responded are nominal and are in name only. When a so-called Christian is implicated in a crime against  abortionists, for example, you need to understand that this person is a cultural Christian at best! “Cultural Christians” are mostly confused about what true Christianity is! It is unlikely that this group will ever become “Born Again”of The Spirit, The “Holy Spirit”.

Now, for those who despise Christianity, you need to get your hearts and minds right by removing the very same kind of hate and bitterness that is in this kind of person who would commit such a heinous criminal act as the one that has just been committed. You know who you are! You have seethed with hate, bitterness, and all sorts of anger and are yourselves a bomb just waiting to go off. This world has many variations of these types of people and they have become who they are for a variety of reasons including being abused as a child in some fashion or something much worse. There are no excuses for harboring these feelings and then on some particular day and for some particular reason  allow them to go boom and hurt yourself or someone else needlessly. We have basically become a sick society and desperately need to change.  This change will not happen unless there is a new and open dialog that includes all parties and discriminates against none. Is such a thing possible?


I believe that it is but not under these present conditions. It is time to put down our weapons of hate and bitterness, clouded by misunderstanding and an unwillingness to change and start to talk these things out!

Now back to Gabrielle Giffords. I commit to pray this day just as I mentioned. How about you?